Date Event
21/11/2016 JP Morgan Asia Rising Dragons 2016

Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong

18/11/2016 The 15th Annual Asia Pacific Summit 2016 - Morgan Stanley Conference

Venue: The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Singapore

19/09/2016 Pension Fund Business Week - IDX 2016

Venue: IDX Building, Jakarta

13/07/2016 3rd Annual Morgan Stanley GEMs Conference 2016

Venue: The St. Regis Hotel, New York

07/06/2016 Nomura Investment Forum Asia 2016

Venue: Ritz Carlton Hotel, Singapore

16/05/2016 NDR - Auerbach Grayson May 2016

Venue: Sweden, Norway, Denmark

12/05/2016 Morgan Stanley 3rd Global Emerging Markets Conference 2016

Venue: The Mayfair Hotel, London

30/11/2015 Auerbach Grayson & Company LLC

Venue: Sweden, Norway, Denmark & United Kingdom

17/11/2015 14th Annual Asia Pacific Summit - Morgan Stanley Conference

Venue: Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Singapore

12/11/2015 Nomura Asian High Yield Corporate Day

Venue: Hong Kong