02 Nov 2022

33 Years of MNC Group, Never Stop to 3ERKARYA and 3ERBAGI

Jakarta, November 2, 2022 – Today, PT MNC Asia Holding Tbk (BHIT or MNC Group) is celebrating its 33-year anniversary. Continuing the tradition of celebration that has been running all this time, BHIT holds MNC Fest, featuring collaborations from all MNC Group’s business units. In addition to establishing togetherness between employees, this series of activities is organized to express gratitude for all the achievements of MNC Group so far.

Carrying the theme "3ERKARYA (CREAT3) and 3ERBAGI (SHAR3)", MNC Group, a vastly growing multinational company who puts digitalization in almost all lines of business, continues to 3ERKARYA, create and innovate endlessly to always present the best work, educate and build Indonesian society. MNC Group through MNC Peduli also consistently 3ERBAGI to those in need, spreading positive vibes and hope to recover faster and rise stronger.

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