26 Apr 2022

MSIN Financial Report Q1-2022

Jakarta, 26 April 2022 –

Total Consolidated Revenue
  • PT MNC Digital Entertainment Tbk (IDX: “MSIN” or “the Company”), a subsidiary of PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk (IDX: “MNCN”), recorded a jump in revenue of Rp923.8 billion in Q1-2022, an impressive 90% YoY increase in comparison to Q1-2021 at Rp486.1 billion. The consolidated revenue was 28% above the Company’s expectations, which stood at Rp721.2 billion. This is mainly derived from the newly added revenue streams of various digital platforms consolidated into the Company, namely RCTI+, Vision+ and the 7 online portals. Additionally, the performance of these platforms have shown strong audience growth numbers wherein RCTI+ reached a phenomenal 64.4 million monthly active users (MAU), Vision+ recording more than 2 million paid subscribers, followed by the online portals, which jointly have generated over 80 million MAU.
Content & IP and Talent Revenue
  • Content & IP and Talent revenue contributed solid growth, by posting Rp603.2 billion in revenue for Q1- 2022, an increase of 9% YoY from Rp551.6 billion in the same corresponding period last year, largely due to the increase in content production volume, as content production activities continue to recover to prepandemic levels, and also the Company continued its expansion and involvement in its content distribution through content licensing and IP monetization. In addition, the ability to produce content that is relevant, timely and at competitive rates is fundamentally supported by the Company’s strong performance of its market leading talent management pool, being the nations biggest talent source for both acting and voice or music labels, with more than 400 artists under its management. 
Digital Advertisement Revenue
  • MSIN's digital revenue out-performed all expectations by posting 789% YoY growth to Rp364.2 billion in Q1-2022 compared to Rp41 billion in the same period last year, largely driven by the consolidation exercise carried out in March 2022. MSIN's digital revenue increased nearly twofold, outperforming 97% to the Company's forecast numbers of Rp184.5 billion. The strong growth was mainly contributed by the Company's business restructuring by acquiring various digital businesses, namely RCTI+ and the 7 online portals from MNCN. Moreover, the Company’s Multi Channel Network (MCN) also showed an outstanding performance on YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok, by housing more than 182 digital content creators, and successfully generating 462 million subscribers/followers and 58 billion views. All in all, this represents an impressive and promising position that MSIN will hold to capitalize on the growing digital market opportunities in Indonesia.
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