24 Oct 2017, 17:33 WIB

MNC Peduli Distributes Reading Books to Children throughout Indonesia

JAKARTA - MNC Peduli helps books distribution to children throughout Indonesia. The books are donation from book publisher Rabbit Hole at Jalan Bangka II D, No.5, Mampang, South Jakarta.

MNC Group CSR Anggunita Swastya said, MNC Group celebrates 28th anniversary and held “Generasi Cerdas Anak Bangsa”, one of the event is to distribute reading books to library throughout Indonesia.

MNC Peduli cooperates with book producer, Rabbit Hole, to distribute the books throughout Indonesia. “Rabbit Hole as a book producer donates reading books through MNC Peduli to be distributed to library throughout Indonesia,” stated by Anggunita at the event Tuesday (24/10/2017).

According to Anggunita, MNC Peduli and Rabbit Hole expected to continue because MNC Peduli vision and mission is to educate children in Indonesia. This is same like Rabbit Hole’s vision and mission which is increase the reading interest and educate children since early stage.

“As planned, starting from tomorrow, all of the books will be distribute to all library throughout Indonesia, such as Pekalongan, Tangerang, and NTT,” she said. The handover of the book from Rabbit Hole to MNC Peduli did on Tuesday afternoon at Rabbit Hole office, Jalan Bangka II D, No.5, Mampang, South Jakarta.

The handover did symbolically by Rabbit Hole founder, Devi Raissa with Anggunita Swastya. The donated books to MNC Peduli amounts are 1000 books from 14 categories.

Devi Raissa hopes, the cooperation with MNC Peduli can be continuously held so there will be many people know that Rabbit Hole also has book donation program to kids’ library. “Every month we always donate 20-30 packages of reading books to the library and each package contains 14 books. For that, I am so grateful because MNC Peduli that is willing to distribute our donated books to all libraries in Indonesia. This is a positive cooperation,” she said.


Muniroh/Gaby Oksavira