24 Sep 2017, 11:21 WIB

MNC Pictures and Kiko Celebrate Gema Muharam With Orphans

DEPOK - Kids celebrities from MNC Pictures and MNC Animation enlivened the Islamic New Year Muharram 1439 Hijra on Sunday (9/24). The event held rousingly on Depok district, West Java with hundreds of orphans.

The celebrity kids from Dunia Terbalik, Cahaya Hati, and Kiko’s casts enthusiast on joining the Gema Muharram. The happiness is also feel by society and orphans on there, seen from their faces.

Before the event began, the kids celebrities on Dunia Terbalik such as Yafi Tesa, Easterly, Anisa, and other celebrities had time to fulfill the photo request from their fans. Next, the kids celebrities also heat up the audiences spirit even though the sky is cloudy and still early.

“Don’t be shy, you all must keep the spirit,” said by Yafi Tessa on stage.

The audiences were invited to stand up and shake their hands to keep the spirit. On stage, the casts of Dunia Terbalik and Cahaya Hati are not awkward on making the orphans kids laughing freely.

The event goes on with very spectacular with many people come with the bazaar around the location. The orphans also got a chance to answer questions from celebrities and got a reward.

In the middle of shooting, the kids celebrities willing to set aside their times to be able to greet their fans directly. The questions on this event’s game also come from the soap opera casts by MNC Pictures this morning.

All of the questions on this game can be answered without any mistake. This proves that the drama series that aired every night at RCTI always close on society’s heart.



Muniroh/Gaby Oksavira