14 May 2015, 10:36 WIB

Supports RCTI, MNC TV and Global TV in Panasonic Gobel Awards 2015

JAKARTA - The award in television industry, Panasonic Gobel Awards (PGA) 2015, will be held on May, 28 2015. At least, there will be 27 awards to be competing. Various categories of television programs, comics, actors and actresses in 14 television stations will be competing to get the award in this event. Public are able to vote their favorite programs by sending SMS with code for each programs.

MNC Group over RCTI, GlobalTV and MNCTV also compete in several categories through their high quality programs. Support your favorite programs at PGA 2015!.

Here is a list of RCTI, GlobalTV and MNCTV programs which successfully nominated at PGA 2015, following by the SMS code:

Serial Drama:

  • 7 Manusia Harimau : PGA (spacing) 1a
  • Catatan Hati Seorang Istri : PGA (spacing) 1b
  • Tukang Bubur Naik Haji Series: PGA (spacing) 1e


  • Intens :PGA (spacing) 3c
  • Kabar-kabari: PGA (spacing) 3d
  • Silet: PGA (spacing) 3e

Sport Competition:

  • Indonesia Super League : PGA (spacing) 7a
  • MNCTV Sport : PGA (spacing) 7c
  • Sportacular : PGA (spacing) 7d

Kids and Animation:

  • Bima X : PGA (spacing) 9b
  • Hafiz Indonesia Season 2 : PGA (spacing) 9c
  • Junior Masterchef Indonesia Season 1 : PGA (spacing) 9d

Talent Search and Reality Show:

  • Indonesian Idol 2014 : PGA (spacing) 10c
  • Rising Star Indonesia : PGA (spacing) 10e

News :

  • Buletin Indonesia Siang (Global TV) : PGA (spacing) 11a
  • Lintas Siang (MNC TV): PGA (spacing) 11g
  • Seputar Indonesia (RCTI) : PGA (spacing) 11l

Special Event:

  • Dahsyatnya Awards 2014 (RCTI) : PGA (spacing) 17c
  • Gemilang 12 HUT Global Tv (Global TV) : PGA (spacing) 17e
  • MNCTV Dangdut Awards 2014 (MNC TV) : PGA (spacing) 17k

Investigation and News Magazine: Seputar Indonesia (feature): PGA (spacing) 13c

Religion: Syiar Akbar Ramadhan : PGA (spacing) 15d

This year RCTI, MNC TV and Global TV are optimistic to achieve many awards from several categories in PGA 2015. As in 2014, RCTI won several awards from some different categories; they are Tukang Bubur Naik Haji, Silet, Dahsyat, Hafizh Indonesia, X-Factor Indonesia and Seputar Indonesia. All these achievements are supported also by the loyalty of viewers to enjoy RCTI, GlobalTV and MNC TV.

(Gaby Oksavira)