17 Aug 2021, 23:32 WIB

Indonesia Tangguh Festival Enlivens 76th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia

JAKARTA - Executive Chairman of MNC Group Hary Tanoesoedibjo, sees the celebration of Indonesia's 76th Independence Day as an opportunity to develop ourselves in order to create a better Indonesia.

"Independence (Celebration)'s purpose is to serve as a space of reflection, for both myself and for all of us. Naturally, we are proud that we are independent. This gives a sense of urgency for us to develop ourselves in order to create a better Indonesia," Hary Tanoe said during the Event: Daerah Tangguh Daerah Tumbuh Webinar, a series of the MNC Portal Indonesia Indonesia Tangguh Festival held on Tuesday (17/8/2021).

According to him, Indonesia will grow and flourish if we can develop and strengthen ourselves. He also believes Indonesia will quickly recover from the damage inflicted by the pandemic.

"Indonesia will see great growth if the rural areas grow or become robust, considering how the global economy is defined by rising globalization, including in our nation, and if Indonesia adheres to the free-market idea," Hary Tanoe stated.

Additionally, Indonesia will change as the economies of rural areas expand. Regencies, cities, and rural areas will all contribute to the growth process.

"DKI Jakarta, West Java, and the large provinces are crucial for importing and exporting," he added.