06 Nov 2021, 23:45 WIB

MNC Group 32nd Anniversary, Cele32ate A Brighter Future

MNC Group presented the MNC Group 32 Anniversary Celebration as the culmination of the MNC e-Fest a week-long activity series organized by MNC Group.

This is a challenge for us for the foreseeable future, because many MNC Group activities are related to public services. The challenge for MNC Group is how to provide even better services for its staff and employees, as well as for the country. I would like to thank all staff, employees and leaders for all the contributions that have made MNC Group as it is today. "Let's unite, sit down together and stand up together to build the organization as our home," said the Executive Chairman of MNC Group Hary Tanoesoedibjo.

“MNC Group on its 32nd Anniversary this year held a week-long event where all MNC Group business units held a series of events, including the Kiko Run Competition, special programs from RCTI+ and Vision+, we also held a webinar series related to digitalization because this is what the community needs at this time. We also held Nyapit Cuan, a quiz related to financial services, which is expected to increase public awareness about financial knowledge. Then from MNC Peduli itself, we also held vaccinations in 32 points for 60,000 recipients," said the Chairperson of the eFest 2021 and Chairwoman of MNC Peduli, Jessica Tanoesoedibjo.

Jessica Tanoesoedibjo also added that the theme this year was Cele32ate A Brighter Future, because we believe that everything that has been entrusted to MNC Group for the past 32 years is a chance, a chance for us to continue to contribute in the future, where we believe we have a brighter future. 

At the age of 32, it is hoped that MNC Group will be even better and stay committed to serve the best for the people of Indonesia.