15 Jun 2015, 09:21 WIB

MNC Media Presents High Quality TV Programs on Ramadhan

JAKARTA - Welcoming Ramadhan, RCTI, GlobalTV, and MNCTV are ready to present high quality programs which entertain and provide the knowledge and wisdom to the community.

In accordance with Ramadhan theme, " Tebar Kebaikan Ramadan 1436 H ", RCTI will broadcast a special Islamic program so that viewers can take the wisdom and blessing of the shows that were presented. RCTI will repeat the success of Haafiz Indonesia and Syiar Ramadan that has many viewers.

RCTI will also increase drama series. "Indonesian people have a strong bond with drama. The messages are also better delivered by presenting real-life dynamics experienced by the community, "said Dini Aryanti Putri, Director Programming and Production RCTI at a press conference Tebar Kebaikan Ramadan RCTI in studio 1 RCTI.

GlobalTV welcomes Ramadan with the theme of "Keceriaan Ramadan". GlobalTV hopes the new program Santri Cilik can be well received by people, especially children and adolescents. This program is about the lives of the students at Islamic school and is expected to provide inspiration and reflection to the viewers.

"We see every TV stations have their strengths in Ramadhan, such as in drama series or comedy, so that, this year GlobalTV tries to exist by Ada-Ada Saja. We hope that we can touch the feelings of the viewers about Indonesian celebrities spiritual experiences, "said Hary Martono as SVP Programming and Production of Global TV.

In addition, MNCTV already introduced its superior program, such as Razia Sultan. Ahead of breaking fast, MNCTV more focused on the child. Children will be accompanied by Ngabuburit Bareng Upin Ipin and Adit & Sopo Jarwo.

"MNCTV always gives the best shows to viewers during the holy month of Ramadan which not only entertaining shows but also has historical value of Islam to provide education to Muslims, "said Director of Program and Production of MNCTV Endah Hari Utari.

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(Toyib Abdullah / Gaby Oksavira)