10 May 2017, 16:56 WIB

HighEnd Holds Indonesia's Beautiful Women 2017 Award

JAKARTA - Continuing the tradition of HighEnd magazine every year, this year 15 Indonesian women have been selected to be the recipient of Indonesia's Beautiful Women (IBW) award. The 15 outstanding women, coming from various backgrounds who all have been selected exclusively by HighEnd magazine in the January edition.

Not only based on their beauty, but also because of the glorious achievements in each of the fields involved.

Then who are these beautiful Indonesian women and achievers? Here is the narrative of Kezia Ponggawa, as Editor-in-Chief HighEnd.

The 15 winners of Indonesia's Beautiful Women 2017 are Maudy Ayunda, Natasha Mannuela, Maya Aldy, Olivia Ong, Laila Munaf, Natasha Roesli, Patricia Gouw, Cindy Angelina, Vanessa Budihardja and Amanda Witdarmoni," said Kezia when met Okezone at the event, (10/5/2017).

This prestigious award ceremony held in Salt Grill, Altitude, The Plaza, Central Jakarta.

Muniroh/Gaby Oksavira