10 Oct 2017, 11:17 WIB

KORAN SINDO and SINDOnews Participate on Mechanical Expo UKI

JAKARTA - KORAN SINDO and participated on Mechanical Expo event held by The Christian University of Indonesia’s (UKI) Faculty of Engineering. Mechanical Expo is a part of  2017 UKI’s Dies Natalis event.

On Mechanical Expo event, one of the activities is National Seminar titled “Energy and Material Innovation on Entrepreneurship Competition”. The seminar is held by UKI Mechanical Engineering and Machine’s Students Association.

Chairman of Indonesian Standardization Society (Mastan) Supandi stated when he discuss about engineering it cannot be separated from standard. Standard is also a “nerves” on industrial sector.

Without standard, products that have been produced will not fulfill the target. “When we talk about engineering it cannot be separated from standard. Without any reference, the result will not fulfill the target, that is standard,” stated by him during Mechanical Expo National Seminar at Faculty of Engineering Hall, Jakarta, Tuesday (10/10/2017).

Meanwhile University of Indonesia Metallurgy Professor Eddy Sumarno Siradj added, to produce a mechanical product it has to be created as the reability. Furthermore, a product should be able to attract customers.

“Do not ever create a product that is not attractive because the product cannot be sold. And then quality control, then we make the product. There are casting, forging, rolling, heading, and etc,” stated by him.


Muniroh/Gaby Oksavira