16 Aug 2017, 11:35 WIB

MNC Pictures Presents Meet Me After Sunset, Romantic Movie with Magic Nuance

JAKARTA - MNC Pictures will represent the newest work on homeland’s movie industry. This time, a movie titled Meet Me After Sunset prepared to spoil the Box Drama Movie Lovers.

About the genre, Meet Me After Sunset told about teen romance story. As stated by Danial Rafki, director of Meet Me After Sunset in MNC Studios, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Wednesday (16/8/2017).

“This story talks about a relationship between a girl and someone who are able to accept the condition as it is, not like other people who only able to make a prejudice,” said Danial.

But, the teen romance story that told in Meet Me After Sunset is different from most drama movies. From what Danial Rafki said, the love story of Meet Me After Sunset protagonists begins from one mysterious things.

“Meet Me After Sunset tells about someone who never get outside during the day, so she only get out during night,” he explained.

“Nobody know why she only get out during night. It becomes so mysterious, and many people thinking weird things. Everybody thought she is not a human. But then a man came into that village and found out that the person who came out during the night is a beautiful girl. And he wanted to meet her. So it begins with a mystery,” continued by Danial.

With a different storyline from the most teen romance story, Meet Me After Sunset also combine a personification with magical things. As told by Haqi Achmad as the scriptwriter, three protagonists on Meet Me After Sunset is about three important things in human life, which are Star, Moon, and Sun.

“Things that made Meet Me After Sunset different with other teen romance story is we use Magical Of Story concept. So it is not about someone who met and then they fall in love with each other,” he said.

For three protagonists, Danial and Haqi decided to choose Agatha Chelsea, Billy Davidson, and Maxime Bouttier.



Muniroh/Gaby Oksavira