11 Apr 2017, 16:45 WIB

MNC Pictures Established Cooperation with Balai Pustaka

JAKARTA – MNC Pictures officially established cooperation with Balai Pustaka. The cooperation was marked by the signing of agreement cooperation between two sides at MNC News Center building, Tuesday (4/11/2017).

Managing Director MNC Pictures, Pricila Diana Airin gratified by cooperation MNC Pictures and Balai Pustaka.

“We are grateful that still given a chance to cooperate with Balai Pustaka which will introduce their script colections through drama series,”  she said at MNC News Center building Tuesday (4/11/2017).

Meanwhile, Director of Balai Pustaka, Saiful Bahri explained cooperation between Balai Pustaka and MNC Pictures is to bring some contents in Indonesia literature script to be more innovative product like drama series.

“So we will make media switching to drama series. One of Balai Pustaka’s task is not only saving but also to preserve and disseminate,” he said.

Saiful added through this cooperation, so that Balai Pustaka and MNC Pictures can change content to Indonesia script from print based form.

“(It) to become the entertain content which can be enjoyed by people,” he added.

Muniroh/Gaby Oksavira
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