04 Mar 2017, 07:29 WIB

SINDO Robotics Olympiad 2017 is Held

JAKARTA - Koran SINDO and held SINDO Robotics Olympiad 2017 at Lotte Shopping Avenue located in Kuningan, Jakarta (3/3/2017).

The event  was held every year  as a means to demonstrate that children in nation are able to create products in the world of Robotics science in particular, not only a theory of creation but in the form of real. In addition, SINDO Robotics Olympiad will also dig into the potentials of the nation in areas of Indonesia, and like to socialize Robot technology.

In this event there will also be a presentation of the 24 participants of the Robotic Olympiad which comes from the student's level of elementary, junior and senior high school student who have been through the stages of selection and quarantine where they will be showing the work they create.

Robotics is important because activities tied to the subjects of mathematics, science and technology, physics, electronics, mechanics, design, and programming.

Muniroh/Gaby Oksavira
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