06 Apr 2015, 16:31 WIB

MNC Media Launched iNews TV

Jakarta – MNC Media launched iNews TV as a television channel that will be the center of information and inspiration for all Indonesian people on Monday 6th March 2015.

INews TV is a national television which has the widest and largest local television network in Indonesia. It will certainly raise and accentuate the content of each local area, which will be different to the national television stations that already exist.

CEO MNC Group, Hary Tanoesoedibjo, said iNews TV complements MNC Media as the largest and most integrated media group in Southeast Asia. "iNews TV is expected to become a major reference for audiences who need information and news. It will be informative and inspiring news channel," stated him.

INews TV will be a television station that favors the information program, news, and sports. It will feature a variety of fast, appropriate, informative, educational, and inspirational news programs.

To strengthen its excellence as a news television station, iNews TV is also supported by the largest news center and newsgathering in Indonesia. It prepares creative program packaging that very interesting to the audiences by combining a variety of local and national content.

The news program consists of news bulletins, talk shows, magazine, documentary, which packed more fresh and entertaining. Information program, entertainment and sports are equally interesting and presented especially to iNews audiences. Various exclusive programs such as the Asian Football Club, Ultimate Fighting Championship, and Big Knockout Boxing also will be featured impressions.

In its launch in Studio 9 RCTI, Kebun Jeruk, Jakarta, iNews TV also held Inewsmaker Award 2015 which were given to the national figures that became newsmaker in Indonesia.

INewsmaker Award 2015 presented awards in nine categories, namely; politician, controversial politician, celebrity, controversial celebrity, minister, head of region, activist, CEO, and lifetime achievement.

There were also a number of Indonesian Minister, Chairman of State Institutions, politicians, celebrities, and other invitations in its event.

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