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Corporate Milestones

  1989 The Company was established in Jakarta on November 2. 1995 PT Global Mediacom (MCOM) conducted an Initial Public Offering of Shares, with ticker code BMTR. 1997 The Company conducted an Initial Public Offering of Shares, with ticker code BHIT. 1999 The Company focused on investment business and became Investment Company. The Company transferred securities business to PT...

Press Release

BHITs consolidated Revenue grew 14.2% to Rp3,203 billion, EBITDA increased 2.7% to Rp970 billion.

PT MNC Investama Tbk (BHIT) announced its financial results for the first three months period ended March 31st 2015 (“1Q2015”). BHIT’s consolidated revenues increased by 14.2% to Rp3,203 billion as of 1Q2015 compared to Rp2,806 billion as of 1Q2014. BHIT’s EBITDA increased by 2.7% to Rp970 billion as of 1Q2015 from Rp945 billion as of 1Q2014. Read more: BHIT’s con...

Board of Directors

Darma Putra - President Director

Darma Putra was born in Medan in 1966. He is currently domiciled in Jakarta. He was appointed as the Company’s President Director based on the resolutions of the Company’s Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on September 30, 2016 in Jakarta. He also serves as President Commissioner at PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk.

News Feed

MNC Insurance and Family Insurance Launches New Website

JAKARTA - PT MNC Asuransi Indonesia (MNC Insurance) today launched its latest leading insurance product, which is a personal accident insurance for the family named MNC Family Care. This product targets family protection solutions. President Director of MNC Insurance Sylvy Setiawan explained, MNC Family Care is an insurance product with complete package. It has features ...

Board of Directors

Mashudi Hamka - Director

Arya Mahendra Sinulingga was born in Kabanjahe, North Sumatra in 1971. He graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung with a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1995.

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MNC Sky Vision Raih Penghargaan The Best In Building Corporate Image

JAKARTA - PT MNC Sky Vision Tbk (MSKY) meraih penghargaan The Best In Building Corporate Image pada malam penganugerahan Corporate Image Award 2018. Perusahaan penyedia layanan televisi berlangganan ini dinilai mampu menyediakan produk dan layanan yang memuaskan bagi pelanggan. Direktur Utama MSKY Hari Susanto mengatakan, dari penilaian yang dilakukan, MNC Sky Vision telah memenuhi empat kriteria penting dalam penghargaan ini. Pertama, quality produk dengan layanan berkualitas tinggi, kedua performance perusahaan dengan pengembangan inovasi yang baik.

Board of Directors

Susanty Tjandra Sanusi - Vice President Director

Susanty Tjandra Sanusi, born in Jakarta in 1963, was appointed as the Companys Director (Unaffiliated) in May 2013. Prior to joining the Company, she had a career in PT CIMB Niaga Tbk since 2010, with her last position as Head of HR Strategic Business Partner and Recruitment.