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PT MNC Energy Investments Tbk with the ticker code IATA is a company engaged in trading and investment in energy sector.

Through its subsidiary, PT Bhakti Coal Resources, MNC Energy controls eight Mining Business Permits located in Musi Banyuasin, South Sumatra, with four Mining Business Permits are in the production stage, while the other four will start operating in stages.

With a vast resource and mining area, MNC Energy will continue to grow and increase production to serve the domestic and international energy demand, including India, China, ASEAN, and others.

As an integrated energy company, MNC Energy also carries out other activities and active investments to support its mining operations.

PT Bhakti Migas Resources, the holding company for oil and gas, has a working area in the Semai III Block, Papua. The Semai III Block is one of the best exploration opportunities in Eastern Indonesia, with an immense of untested gas resources.

To increase efficiency, MNC Energy through PT MNC Insfrastruktur Utama or MNC Infratama has complete supporting facilities from hauling roads, weighbridge, stockpile, crusher, to coal ports.

With the skyrocketing mining industry in Indonesia, MNC Infratama is expanding into other mining services such as contracting.

MNC Energy is committed to being a major player in the industry, carrying out quality and responsible operational activities, and investing in various projects that are valued as beneficial to support the business and improve the regional economy by creating new jobs.

As a steward of social responsibility, we strive to improve the quality of production processes and operations to be more environmentally friendly, maintain workplace safety standards, provide quality services, and deliver value to stakeholders.

Our long-term goal is to contribute toward energy sustainability and improve the lives of our community.

MNC Energy Investments, the energy to power your tomorrow.