Customer (Product/Service)

Innovation and Sustainable Financial Product/Service Development


Innovation, quality enhancement, and product development within the business units under MNC Asia Holding take precedence in our operational strategies. Aligned with rapid technological advancements, MNC Asia Holding consistently endeavors to provide more efficient and effective solutions. Innovation empowers MNC Asia Holding and its business units to deliver quality content and expedite secure, transparent services to clients. Furthermore, technological utilization aids MNC Asia Holding in expanding service outreach to a broader clientele, fostering sustainable economic growth nationally.

Evaluation of Product Safety for Customers/Consumers

Products and services offered by MNC Asia Holding and its Subsidiaries have met requisite standards, secured approvals, and are overseen by pertinent regulatory bodies, ensuring their safety for the public, consumers, and clients. The company's activities in the media sector are responsible for upholding content security and assessment in adherence with regulations, particularly in broadcasting. Measures taken encompass internal policies, staff training, collaboration with regulators, compliance audits, transparent reporting systems, and a corporate culture that champions ethics and social responsibility. Adhering to these measures, media entities guarantee content broadcasted maintains high quality, safety, and conformity to ethical standards and applicable laws. Correspondingly, within the financial services sector, the Company strives to mitigate potential loss risks on offered products and services by consistently disseminating information regarding potential risks to clients, encompassing market and currency fluctuation risks. Information is disseminated through various platforms and programs, encompassing websites and the company's operational offices. In compliance with prevailing regulations, the company has also conducted financial literacy and financial inclusion initiatives, ensuring potential or existing clients possess accurate comprehension of products and services provided by MNC Asia Holding and its Subsidiaries, consequently enabling them to invest as per their requirements while being cognizant of the inherent risk profiles within said products/services.

Impact of Products/Services


MNC Asia Holding presents an array of products and services that generate positive impacts for customers and the business ecosystem in a sustainable manner. These positive impacts encompass disseminating knowledge and consciousness of sustainability, environmental and social issues, endorsing cultural values that appreciate sustainability, and nurturing sustainable employment and economic growth. Additional affirmative impacts encompass heightened financial inclusion, convenient access to innovative financial products, and efficiency in transactional time and costs. Furthermore, MNC Asia Holding assumes the role of a catalyst in propelling economic growth by offering support to SMEs and other pivotal sectors through versatile financing and investment services.

MNC Asia Holding also develops monitoring and evaluation systems to promptly identify and address risks, coupled with diversifying investment portfolios to mitigate reliance on specific sectors or assets. Via these endeavors, MNC Asia Holding remains dedicated to delivering superior and secure products and services to the public and clients, concurrently reducing potential adverse impacts.