Whistle Blowing System

The Company implements a whistleblowing system (WBS) to prevent fraud and deception. The WBS implementation aims to develop a well-managed violation reporting system. This way, it can be used as a foundation for the Company to conduct the necessary evaluations and follow-ups.

WBS Socialization

The Company conducts socialization with all employees of the Company and its subsidiaries. Socialization is conducted through management meetings and the Company’s website. New employees are entitled to socialization through the employees’ induction program. One of the material topics in the program is WBS.

Types of Violations that Can be Reported

Actions that can be reported include but are not limited to:
1. Stealing, embezzling, abusing, and/or damaging the Company’s assets.
2. Corruption, collusion and nepotism.
3. Bribery and/or taking/giving gifts (gratification).
4. Conflict of interest.
5. Violation of the Company’s regulations, code of conduct, and applicable laws and regulations.
6. Other actions that adversely affect the Company directly or indirectly in terms of monetary or reputation.

Whistleblower provides an early indication in an accountable manner, such as:
1. Problem or action complained
2. Parties involved
3. Location of incident
4. Time of incident
5. Chronology of incident
6. Other details

Submission of Violation Report

Submission of the Company’s WBS Violation Report is outlined in Whistleblower Policies and Procedures, as follows:
1. Anyone may report alleged irregularities or breaches of law that may harm the Company, its customers, shareholders, employees, investors, or the public at large.
2. Reporting may be submitted in writing, by phone, or in person. However, it is recommended that it be made in writing so that the issues conveyed can be well understood.
3. Every individual is encouraged to reveal his or her identity, although not an obligation.
4. All reports should be sent directly to all or one of the members of the Whistleblower Committee.
5. For the report submitted via email, it is recommended to use the title ‘Whistleblower Company’ to simplify identification.
6. Although a whistleblower is not expected to prove the accuracy of the allegations, the whistleblower must provide a strong case supporting his or her concern about a violation/ alleged offense.

WBS Management

In connection with incoming complaints, the Internal Audit Unit looks into evidence from the whistleblower, or related parties, during a regular audit or an audit investigation. The audit or investigation results are submitted to the President Director and the Audit Committee. In the event that there is evidence of a violation, Human Resources and/ or Legal teams handle the matter in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Reporting Media

Complaints about alleged violations of the code of conduct can be reported via email at [email protected].

Whistleblower Protection

The Company and management are prohibited from disclosing the Whistleblower’s personal data and imposing the whistleblower unfair punishment, such as changing the concerned person’s position and job description or workplace, or imposing punishment, threatening, abusing, or lay-off.