03 May 2023

Summary of BCAP's Financial Performance Results in the First Quarter of 2023

Jakarta, 3 May 2023 - PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk (IDX: BCAP) reported its financial results for the end of 31 March 2023, with consolidated revenue of Rp726.6 billion. BCAP's revenue for Q1-2023 mainly came from interest and dividends amounting to Rp466.0 billion, equivalent to 64.1% of total revenue, a 17.2% increase from Rp397.6 billion in Q1-2022. The revenue breakdowns are followed by capital market income of Rp92.5 billion, net premium income of Rp66.6 billion, digital income of Rp66.5 billion, sharia financing lease income of Rp6.8 billion, and other operating income of Rp28.0 billion.

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