19 Aug 2017, 15:30 WIB

MNC and Korem 052 Wijayakrama Held Tennis Table Tournament

SOUTH TANGERANG – There are 230 participants from every categories participate on Table Tennis Tournament which held on Living World Mall Alam Sutera, Jalan Alam Sutera Boulevard, Pakulonan, North Serpong, South Tangerang, Saturday (19/8/2017).

The event held because of the collaboration between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) MNC Media and Korem 052 Wijayakrama. As scheduled before, the tournament will occur 2 days until 20th August 2017.

After deliver the greets, Head of Staff Korem (Kasrem) 052 Wijayakrama, Colonel (Inf) Achiruddin immediately continue it with a symbolic game. After that, the participants begin the game on their own groups.

Several games went on exciting because of several young table tennis players make a very good performance. Occasionally a drop shot hit they did make their rival surprised that eventually able to reach a point. Spontaneously, this thing makes the audiences cheer because they were amazed.



“This tournament is the series of events on celebrating the Independence day of Indonesia on 17 August yesterday, fight for the Danrem 052 Wijayakrama trophy. There are 230 participants, and 4 main category and mixed categories from media, Indonesian National Police, and Indonesian National Armed Force,” explained by Head of Staff Korem (Kasrem) 052 Wijayakrama, Colonel (Inf) Achiruddin.

While that, MNC Media which represented by RCTI Corporate Secretary, Tony Andrianto (41) said, we hope this event could be born a new table tennis athlete. With this collaboration, continued by Toni, his side will always be exposed every event that talks about sport’s prestige in the city, especially in table tennis.

“In the future, Asian Games will be declared, we will be the host, we hope this tournament could be born a new athlete. So they will be motivated to come forward and represent their city and their country. We from MNC Media will keep supporting them, especially in this event,” he said.



Muniroh/Gaby Oksavira