22 Oct 2017, 14:22 WIB

MNC Peduli Held Free Cataract Surgery at Tulungagung

TULUNGAGUNG - MNC Peduli-Yayasan Jalinan Kasih cooperate again with the union of ophthalmologist (PERDAMI) Malang Raya Branch on holding free cataract surgery. Free cataract surgery for Tulungagung society, East Java and surrounding society held on Saturday, 21st October 2017.

The event was attended by Syafril Nasution as Chairman 1 Yayasan Jalinan Kasih, Nina Handayani as Chairman of Section for Blind Cataracts Community Service Malang Raya, Head Section of Disease Prevention and Control (Kabid P2P) from Public Health Office Anna Sapti Saripah, and Community Health Centers Head Ngunut Hanik Mudayati.

On the greetings, Syafril stated that the free cataract surgery is a social activity to celebrate Anniversary of MNC Group on 2 November 2017.

 “In the future, we plan cataract social activities on other cities at East Java. So that, people in need can get better life,” Syafril stated.

The social activities participant came from underprivileged society from Tulungagung,  Blitar, and Trenggalek.

Registered patients on the first checkup reached more than 200 patients before medical checkup screening. The social activities helped 100 patients that are allowed medically to be operated.

They are so enthusiast and welcoming this activity because this activity has been awaited by them. The patients and also health department there hope the same activity could be held again in the future.


Muniroh/Gaby Oksavira