19 Oct 2017, 15:53 WIB

MNC TV Distribute Free Glasses to 200 Kids at Penjaringan

JAKARTA - Celebrating the 26th anniversary, MNCTV cooperate with Essilor holding Eyes checkup and free glasses distribution at RPTRA Penjaringan, North Jakarta, Thursday (19/10/2017).

CSR team of MNC Media, Tony Andrianto, stated the enthusiasm from society for eyes check up on several places can be categorized as high. Included on Penjaringan, that there are 200 around kids have registered.

"There are 6 eyes checkup spots and free glasses distribution at Jakarta with the target around 1000 persons. This activity is a positive activity in which parents should care with their child's eyes," he said at RPTRA Penjaringan, North Jakarta, Thursday (19/10/2017).

"According to him, MNC TV also giving awareness to their parents to aware not just to their kids physics but their kids eyes. And however, eyes are the window of the world, it is use to see and learn.

"We hope this could give a high quality of life in this environment, giving some explanations to their parents, and awareness of their child's eyes," closed by him.


Muniroh/Gaby Oksavira