15 May 2015, 19:28 WIB

“Di Balik 98” Movie Still Dominates Box Office Indonesia

JAKARTA – “Di Balik 98” movie is still ruled the Box Office Indonesia since it was released on 15 January 2015. While in second place, there is “Filosofi Kopi” movie which continues to rise.

Based on the number of viewers in the data acquisition in site, the viewers of “Di Balik 98” which directed by Lukman Sardi has reached 648 947 people. After that, “Filosofi Kopi”, the movie adaptation of the same titled novel from Dewi Lestari, was able to acquire 229 680 people per Wednesday (13/05).

This can be a proof of success of MNC Pictures. The achievement of “Di Balik 98” also can be felt after previously MNC Pictures had the honor to present “Di Balik 98” at Indonesian Movie Festival (IFF) 2015 at the Australian Movie Image Center, Melbourne, Australia in last April.

“Di Balik 98” generally tells a reformation based on May 1998 tragedy which leads to the fall of President Suharto (Amoroso Katamsi) and the unrest of college students occurred in Indonesia. Diana (Chelsea Islan) decides to become an activist with her lover (Boy William) and faces opposition from her family of soldiers.

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(Gaby Oksavira)