30 Jun 2020, 22:40 WIB

Health Protocols Are Key to Economic Recovery

JAKARTA, - Minister of Trade, Agus Suparmanto, and Executive Chairman MNC Group, Hary Tanoesoedibjo (HT) held a meeting at iNews Tower, Jakarta, Tuesday (6/30/2020). The meeting discussed the matter of economic activity amid new normalcy.

Agus Suparmanto and HT agreed that health protocol was the key to the revival of the Indonesian economy, which was affected by Covid-19.

"The key is to implement a health protocol with high awareness and discipline because if we are healthy, all activities will go well, both trade and social activities," said Agus Suparmanto.

He said it is now time for economic activity to rise. With the health protocol, shopping center activities have begun to reopen, and office activities have started up again. "As I saw in MNC Group, activities are relaxed, but the health protocol is prioritized. So, everything is going well."

Meanwhile, HT said that sectors that employ large numbers of people (labor-intensive), such as retail and MSME, need special attention.

"If necessary, we should create an e-commerce portal specifically for local products," he said.

HT said that e-commerce is important to encourage purchase of local products. MNC Media, he said, is ready to promote through television, social media, and news portals.

"If our local products rise, our economy will automatically improve, and imports will also be reduced," he said.

HT added that MNC Group is ready to collaborate with the Ministry of Trade to maximize the delivery of information to the public.

"We, from the media, are very open, starting from television, social media, portals, and newspapers. If, for example, the Minister and his staff have something to be communicated in the news, go ahead. We would like to support the ministry to maximize their efforts in its relations and duties to the public," HT said.