16 Nov 2017, 17:03 WIB

MNC Investama & Bank Pembangunan Daerah Sumatera Utara Signed a MoU

MEDAN - PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk (“BCAP” or “MNC Financial Services”) today inaugurated MNC Financial Services integrated branch office at Jl. Kapten Maulana Lubis No 12, Medan, and on the same occasion signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Sumatera Utara (BPD Sumut). The new building was inaugurated by the Chairman of MNC Group Mr. Hary Tanoesoedibjo, and witnessed by the Board of Directors of MNC Group. Meanwhile, the MoU was signed by President Director of PT MNC Investama Tbk (“BHIT” or “MNC Group”) Mr. Darma Putra and President Director of BPD Sumut Mr. Edie Rizliyanto, and witnessed by the Chairman of MNC Group Mr. Hary Tanoesoedibjo and President Commissioner of BPD Sumut Mr. Rizal Fahlevi Hasibuan. The event was brought to its end with a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.

The MNC Financial Services integrated branch office inauguration in Medan is part of a series of synergies that has been held in several cities in Indonesia earlier this year among others in Surabaya and Pekanbaru, as 7 business units controlled by PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk performs its commitment to continuously improve its business units’ synergies and provide a “one-stop-service” to the customers. The seven business units include MNC Bank, MNC Finance, MNC Leasing, MNC Sekuritas, MNC Asset Management, MNC Insurance and MNC Life. MNC Financial Services is MNC Group’s subsidiary.

The establishment of integrated Financial Services branch office is part of BCAP’s strategic plan, allowing BCAP to become more competitive in the recent tight business competition. Thus, BCAP able to survive and ahead of its competitor through its value added, productivity improvement, asset utilization, cost efficiency, and business process enhancement. It allows the management to modify the business structure and process more efficiently and ensures that it is consistent to the objectives.

Meanwhile, the signing of MoU constitutes a series of cooperation that has been held with several Bank Pembangunan Daerah earlier this year. The signing of MoU between MNC Group and BPD Sumut serves as an initial strategic step to cover the business collaboration going forward between BPD Sumut and the subsidiaries of MNC Financial Services that can be advantageous for both parties. The forms of collaboration may include fund placement, project financing, bancassurance and other forms of cooperation that would increase business prospect in the future.

BHIT’s President Director Mr. Darma Putra stated that “The ongoing economic challenge, the fast changing technology, the shifting customer demands and the increasingly diverse set of stakeholders require a fast business innovation to create a well-focused vision. In anticipating this challenge, the Company needs to look outward and account for dynamic evolving market. Conventional approaches to business planning are no longer sophisticated enough in responding to more dynamic changes in the business environment. With the current business approaches, our experience has confirmed that the integrated business will promote collaborative and integrated working practices which will improve decision making and will support the business activities that eventually resulting in a competitive advantage.”

As part of MNC Group, MNC Financial Services is positively buoyed by the well-known MNC Brand as the largest & most integrated Media Group in South-East Asia that allows us to rapidly expand distribution network and business partnerships with trusted sales agencies and dealerships in order to eventually achieve the Company’s goal as a modern and integrated financial institution.

Mr. Darma Putra said that “We will optimize the cooperation by consolidating the products and services of the seven business units of MNC Financial Services with the products and services of BPD Sumut, thereby creating a synergy and a positive business growth to both parties and adding values to each of our customers”.

At the right moment, the form of cooperation between MNC Group and BPDs in Indonesia will not only focus on Financial Services sector, but will also penetrate to the other MNC Group’s line of businesses, which are Media and Property sectors.


CSR: MNC Group Supports Healthcare and Education
As part of corporate citizenship, MNC Group runs its businesses and constantly seeks to participate and contribute to resolve various issues in the society. MNC Group is eager to grow and flourish along with society by creating harmonious relationship with its surrounding environment. Therefore, the presence of MNC Group will be able to provide benefits and fulfill the expectation of its stakeholders namely, customers, business partners, government, shareholders, employees and society.

On this occasion, MNC Group conducted one of its CSR program which focus on Healthcare and Education. On the inauguration ceremony of Integrated Financial Services in Medan, MNC Group through MNC Financial Services donates reading glasses to students in need in several state primary schools. This is certainly beneficial to support teaching activities and is definitely part of MNC Group’s active contribution in educating the nation.

During his visit in Medan, Mr. Hary Tanoesoedibjo also delivers public lecture at Medical Faculty of HKBP Nommensen University with the theme of “Entrepreneurship and Indonesia Economic Development through Capital Market”. The event was held on the Hall of Medical Faculty and received remarkable greetings and enthusiasms from the Rector, the Dean and hundreds of college-students, as seen by numerous questions addressed from students. The event was attended by IDX Director Mr. Alpino Kianjaya, and representative from OJK North Sumatera and IDX Medan Branch.

At the closing of the public lecture, MNC Group donates Education Aid funds to 10 selected students and exchange of Plaque with Nommensen University.

Mr. Darma Putra Added “As a good corporate citizenship, MNC Group continues to improve the national welfare and grows together with the society by applying socially responsible business practice.”

“MNC Group believes that the Company’s performance must also generate positive impact to the improvement of society welfare that eventually will support the development of the Company’s business sustainability.” Mr. Darma Putra said in closing.

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