21 Nov 2019, 23:13 WIB

MNC Sales Day was Successfully Held, Hary Tanoesoedibjo: Strengthen Sales Synergy

JAKARTA - MNC Group successfully held MNC Sales Day to strengthen the synergy of the sales team in all MNC Group business units. "This event was great and was attended by all sales teams and directors of MNC Group. It aimed to strengthen relations with each unit and increase synergy," said Chairman of MNC Group Hary Tanoesoedibjo at iNews Center, Jakarta, Thursday (11/21/2019).

Hary explained that sales performance can be maximized if it has the right product and can be accepted by the market, supported by competitive prices and good service.

"Sales skills are important because a salesperson must have a fighting spirit and be able to serve customers competently," he said.

In addition, Hary continued, salespersons must have good product knowledge. If they do not understand the products, the results will not be optimal. Furthermore, sales teams in MNC Group can be synergized with other units to increase their sales.

Valencia Tanoesoedibjo, Managing Director of GTV and CEO & Founder of The F Thing, said MNC Sales Day aimed to be the right place for every salesperson in MNC Group to get acquainted, know each unit’s products and may be develop into a collaboration. "Every salesperson can learn products from one unit to another," she said.

MNC Sales Day was a full day event and followed by sales teams and directors of all MNC Group business units. During the event, each unit was divided into 13 clusters that presented each of their products.